Cozy Holiday Gift Guide

Gift Guide


1. Sleep Mask  ||  2. Tea Tin  ||  3. Fa la la Pillow  ||  4. Candle  ||  5. Faux Fur Throw (on sale!)  ||  6. Robe  ||  7. Beanie  ||  8. Plaid Pajamas  ||  9. Knit Slippers
10. Sleep Tee  ||  11. Moccasin Slippers  ||  12. Coffee Mug  ||  13. Scarf  ||  14. Gloves  ||  15. Coffee Book  ||  16. Faux Fur Pillow  ||  17. Adventure Notebook  ||  18. Home Book


I am most definitely the person who loves to cuddle up with my pup and let’s be honest, if I could, work from bed every day 🙂 During winter who doesn’t want to stay nice and warm?  I do, I do!  I’ve picked my most favorite cozy items for the snuggle bug in your life.  The perfect classic gifts for this person are flannel jammies, a robe and slippers!  If you didn’t see my post on all my most favorite pajamas check it out here.
I’m all about the faux fur look as it can glam up any room!  The faux fur throw (#5)  from H&M is everything AND it’s on sale!  I purchased it a few weeks ago and it is the perfect final touch to my master bedroom.  It’s warm and oh SO chic 🙂
Like I’ve said in my previous gift guide posts, go ahead, get a lil’ something for yourself too.  I totally support you… no judgement! hehe:)  Happy humpday and stay warm!