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Glam Station Details

Hey, y’all!  I hope your week is going great.  I mentioned on my last blog post I’d be sharing my vanity setup furniture finds!  I’ve told you about some of the interior deals on my Instagram Story but I thought it was time to give you a bit more detail…  Let’s do this!
I found my vanity desk AND chair on Amazon… ya, AMAZON!! It really is the most magical retailer in alllll of the land.  They legit, sell everything.  I created this space about a year ago.  I had a small spot in my room so I knew I needed a mini desk – no bigger than 36″ wide.  The hunt started and I ended up on Amazon searching for furniture… not really sure how I navigated my way there, but it worked out!  This was my first ever purchase of home interiors from Amazon but now I look at the retailer ALL the time for home goods.  Oh and did I forget to mention my glam desk is under $100 – only $68!!  My ghost chair is also an amazing find and deal at just $73.  Y’all, combined you can get your foundation furniture for your glam station for under $150!  YAS please 🙂  It’s time to put together your beauty space!
Now we have the desk and chair covered, let’s talk about the final furniture deal that I’m beyond obsessed with… this GOLD CART.  I love to be organized, hence my last spring org post, and a cart is such a great item to use throughout your home.  I have used this beauty in three different places throughout my house – office, bar and beauty.  I wrote a blog post about it here – check it out to see how I utilized the cart.
Scroll down to get a closer look at my glam station, shop my favorite vanity mirrors AND links to all of my DECOR items – art, pillow, blanket, rug and more.  It’s time to get dolled up, boos!


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Mirror Details

THE most important item in a vanity that is most definitely splurge-worthy is a MIRROR.  Y’all, it’s all about the lighting!  My gem is from Impressions Vanity – I have the rose gold XL Hollywood Glow Vanity Mirror.  I saved up for this beauty last year and it was THE best investment for my beauty game.  Now that I can actually SEE my face!  It’s easier to take care of my skin and apply my makeup like a pro 😉


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Decor Details

I just added a few new interior gems to my space: marble pillow, sheepskin rug and art prints – all from ETSY!  Not only are they super cute but they are all amazing DEALS.  Y’all know I love a budget-friendly find.  I’m really loving the pink Chanel print and ladies, it’s only $25!!  Once I received it, I headed over to Amazon and purchase a simple white frame for $20 and viola, it was ready to be put on the wall.  All in, only $45!!  See below for links to all of my glam station decor…

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