Be Our Guest || Dresses Under $200

I’m currently en route to my best friend’s wedding back home in KC.  I could not be more excited!!  When prepping for wedding these days there’s not just the actual wedding night but a lot of times a welcome party, rehearsal dinner, brunches, etc.  That sounds like A LOT of outfits AND a whole lot of fun 😉

I LOVE me a weddings but wowza, does it add up!  I’m already going to 4 this year with multiple events for each so needless to say I’m looking for some budget-friendly options.  If you know me you know I love a DEAL.  I’ve found some dress options starting at $30+!!  YAS please! 🙂

AND ladies, do NOT wear white… it’s the bride’s moment 😉

See below for my top DRESS picks under $200.