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summer pjs bedroom decor


If you know me, you know I love a good jammie moment.  I’m  all about a comfy sitch and theses pink pj’s check ALL of the boxes – cute, breathable, soft on the skin and oh SO cozy.  I found my bright beauties at my favorite #deal retailer, Forever 21.  You can’t beat the price tag of $22.90!  Above I’ve posted my favorite summer pj’s under $40.  I mean, why not have a set for each season… amiright?!!
See below for my bedroom furniture details and my favorite bedding /pillows. #SBKhome


summer pjs bedroom decor summer pjs bedroom decor


Yes, you could say there’s a theme with my bedroom and specifically the furniture… it’s ALL from Restoration Hardware.  When I finally hit 28 I decided it was time to invest in nicer furniture… no more shopping at IKEA and spending endless hours putting stuff together and let’s be honest, pulling my hair out!  I’m not knocking IKEA… I mean I love a good deal but there came a point where I was over it!  I hit my breaking point… hehe 🙂  My hubs and I saved up and took the plunge with these beauties.  Let me tell you, it’s the best decision!  We took our condo a room at a time ’cause hey, furniture is expensive!  Once we completed our bedroom I wanted to hang out in here ALL the time… and I still do!  Is it time to give your room a lil’ TLC?  See below for links to my bedroom furniture.
Chandelier Table Lamps: RESTORATION HARDWARE


summer pjs bedroom decor summer pjs bedroom decor summer pjs bedroom decor


Not only are comfy jammies a-must BUT so is bedding, blankets and pillows.  We all spend SO much time sleeping and relaxing in our bedroom so let’s make it the coziest place everrrrrr, amiright?!  My gray and white bedding is an oldie but goodie from West Elm – check out a similar option here.  I’ve also linked some of my current favorite duvet options above.  I always find it challenging to shop for bedding that is gender neutral, not too much color and a print I actually like.  West Elm is my go-to retailer for modern-style duvets at great price points.
Ok, time for a lil’ pillow talk… 😉 hehe  Ladies, you can NEVER have too many pillows!  I repeat, never!  I change out my pillows in my bedroom and living room seasonally.  I mean, why not?!  I’ve recently added in these velvet blush beauties a la HM Home, which if you haven’t discovered, you NEED to go explore their website.  They have THE best pillow covers at budget-friendly prices.  My pink pillow covers are only $9.99 – you really can NOT beat that!  Oh, and they come in 9 different colors so no matter your color scheme, there’s an option for you!  I like to add a pop of color with my pillow game and now you can too!  Check them out here.


summer pjs bedroom decorsummer pjs bedroom decorsummer pjs bedroom decor