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Hello, y’all!  Today I’ve teamed up with one of my fave e-commerce sites, ETSY, to share my most favorite wall art on a budg.  As many of you know, I have a small office space in my home, where I’ve created an epic art wall.  From time to time I give it a little refresh and I thought spring would be the perfect time to add a few new items!
If you haven’t noticed, I’m obsessed with ETSY!  I have found not only great party and beauty organization items but amazing home decor pieces too. If you missed my Spring Beauty Organization post, highlighting my favorite org items from Etsy, check it out here!  I’ve most definitely spent countless hours lost in ETSY’s magic and I’m not mad about it 😉  Needless to say, I have come across numerous prints and wall goodies.  See below for my favorite finds!  AND remember, they’re all budget-friendly!  Gotta love a good deal 🙂
Let’s start with the FUN part… selecting your prints, figurines, etc.  As you can prob tell, my wall represents my personality V well – mixing my love for fashion, flowers, champs, halloween and of course, GOOD vibes w/ a unicorn head.  Get creative with your space and let it reflect YOU!  Many of the prints I have – “Like a Boss“, “Fashion” and “You’re Like, Really Pretty” are all MEGA deals at under $17.  With a price like that, you can try a few different prints and see what you like.  Once you’ve finalized your art wall selections, I suggest you head over to your local Home Goods, Target or World Market and purchase price-friendly frames.  I tend to find great options under $10 at Homegoods.  As you can see I mixed and matched frames but if you’re wanting a more consistent look, buy the same color and style.
Once you’ve picked out all of your art, it’s time to create the wall design.  I recommend laying out your selections on the floor OR taping pieces of paper with your art dimensions on the wall.  Both of these tactics will help you get a feel for how the wall will look as a whole.  Once you have that, you can start hammering away 😉  Please comment below with questions!
Next week on the blog I’ll be sharing all of my furniture and decor deets of my BABE CAVE – office desks and chairs for LESS!!  Stay tuned!
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