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Hello, weekend!  When I think of fall weekends the first thing that comes to mind is… FOOTBALL!!  Growing up in Kansas, I  have a deep love for the Kansas City Chiefs!  I’m pretty obsessed to say the least.  I spoke about my love for football, cute game day outfits and my favorite news resource in my Fangirl Football post.  If you love football, you should check it out!  Now that I’ve covered what to wear, let’s discuss how to set up your home and more specifically your bar for GAME DAY!
I love to enjoy a cocktail as I watch the game from the comfort of my own home but I’m not one to drink beer.  I love tequila but I don’t want the sugar and calories that come with most margaritas.  I’ve concocted my ‘skinny’ version of a margarita… think more of a spritz.  I use sparkling water rather than a sugar sweet and sour mix.  My version is  light, refreshing and easy to sip on during the game.  Above you will find and quick and easy recipe to whip one up of your own.
Here’s how I make mine…
I start with A LOT of ice.  If you want your drink even colder, put your glass in the freezer for about 15 min. 😉 It’s a fun lil’ tip!!  I then pour the tequila in so it can start to chill as it is usually sitting out at room temp.  Next up I cut a lime in half and use a lime squeezer to press juice into the glass.  If you want the drink to be more tart, squeeze in another half to full lime.  I then add the honey – about 1 tsp depending on how sweet you want it.  You could also sub the honey for agave.  Lastly I top of the drink with sparkling water.  If you like more of a citrus flavor, use lemon or lime infused soda water.  Stir the beauty up and she’s ready to drink!!


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