Halloween Chic Tablescape

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Alright, boos!  The time has come… I’m sharing everything HALLOWEEN this week on the blog!  Let’s start with the most SPOOKtacular table.  If you watch my Instagram Story, I spoke about how to make holiday decorations NOT cheesy.  My first piece of advice when decorating your home, a room and/or for the holidays is always… PICK A THEME!!  It is SO important!  If you’re like most, selecting home decor can be overwhelming.  There are SO many options.  This key principal will help keep you on track.  If you haven’t noticed my overall theme is black and white with an emphasis on skulls.  I just love skulls… ya, I just wrote that.  I know it may sound a little strange, but I’ve always had a thing for them.  I have SO many lil’ beauties around my house I’ve literally stopped counting 😉
I started collecting my Halloween decorations about 4 years ago when I guess you could say, I became an “adult” 🙂  I decided then, black and white ALL the way.  It was easy for me as I despise orange.  Yup, I’m NOT a fan!  But hey, if you are, go ahead and incorporate it.  The most popular Halloween themes are:  Primitive, Horror, Day of The Dead, Haunted House, Witches and of course, SKULLS!  Whatever your Halloween style is, there’s decor for you!
When setting the table, I always start with my center piece.  I first laid down black gauze as my base.  I then added in black sparkly pumpkins, leaves and skull candles.  Lastly I placed my two black candelabras on the table to add in a Halloween chic vibe.  You could say I’m pretty obsessed with these babies.  They are new additions to my decorations from World Market and only $29.99  SO worth it in my book.  Note: I found black candles on Amazon that fit the candelabras perfectly.  Link here!


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Now that the center piece is done, let’s discuss the table setting – glasses, plates, napkins, napkin rings, place cards, flatware, etc.  Over the years, I have purchased items for my Halloween place setting and continue to add to it every year.  With that said, y’all don’t need to purchase everything all at once.  Take your time, spend moolah on things that will last throughout the years and even mix in items you already have in your home.  Luckily I found a lot of my table decor for LESS.  I love a DEAL and I have come across a lot of budget-friendly options.  See above 🙂
Two new items I purchased this year are, my black flatware and black wine glasses!!  These babies took my table up a notch… or maybe even two!! 🙂 Muahahahaha!  I found them both on Amazon – who knew, right?!!  I’ve been finding great holiday decorations on Amazon.  Check everything out here.
If you have any Halloween style questions, email me or leave a comment below.  Make sure to check back all week as I’ll be posting more Halloween home decorations, costumes, makeup and a boo-zy bar!


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