Rustic-Chic Holiday Decor

rustic chic holiday decor

You could say I’m in the holiday spirit!  I came back from Idaho this past weekend and THE first thing on my to do list, decorate the house!  As I mentioned in my Holiday Home Goods Under $100 post, this is my very first year EVER putting up an artificial Christmas Tree.  I’m ALL about the real deal as I could sit around a smell trees on the reg BUT this year we are traveling SO much, we needed an alternative.  Well… this fake beauty worked out mighty fine!!  I didn’t think I would like it as much as I do… I LOVE IT!!  Not only is it cool to have a wintery white tree but not gonna lie, it’s SO easy to put up AND doesn’t drop ONE pine needle on the floor! HA! 😉  NO vacuuming for moi!  If you’re looking for alternative options as well, I would suggest this beauty from Target – currently 30% off!  Yes, it’s more than a real tree at the lot BUT it will last for YEARS.
And don’t y’all worry, next year in Idaho Luke and I will be Griswold-ing it up and chopping down a tree for the new house! 😉  Stay tuned… it’s gonna be good!
If you have been following me for a minute, you’ve probably come to find that I love to mix rustic elements with neutral-chic decor.  My Kansas country-girl roots and love of Idaho my entire life has really shaped my home decor style.  In this post I not only show you my Christmas tree but also other fun holiday decor items – pillows, throws, signs, stocking, figurines and more!
See below for my overall rustic-chic decor shop as well as a specific pillow/throw and tree decor shops.  Keep scrolling!
Happy decorating, boos!


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rustic chic holiday decorrustic chic holiday decor

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rustic chic holiday decor

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rustic chic holiday decorrustic chic holiday decorrustic chic holiday decorrustic chic holiday decorrustic chic holiday decor