Hot Cocoa Bar

hot cocoa bar

Yes, boos… it’s finally here!  I’ve been showing y’all a behind the scenes look at my HOT COCOA BAR on my Instagram Stories and now I’ve made it super easy for you to shop.  See below for shopable links to all of the items in my bar.
  If you’ve been following my blog for over a year, you probably saw my setup from last year – if not, check it out here.  My first hot chocolate bar was such a hit, it’s now becoming a tradition in my house 🙂  Is this not the cutest idea EVERRRR?!!  If you’ve noticed, I have a thing for bars… I’ve created SO many this past year: Bubbly Bar, Acái Bowl Bar, Caramel Apple Bar and more!  Ya, I wasn’t lying… I’m obsessed!  They are great additions when entertaining 🙂
This year’s bar is a bit bigger as I’ve added a new HOT COCOA BAR sign, holiday decorations and more candy!  I love having it setup the entire month of December, so when I feel like a lil’ sweet treat, I can whip one up!  Not only is a great festive touch for your home but perfect to setup for a holiday party.  Trust me, it will be a hit!!
Remember, you don’t necessarily need a dedicated bar – just a small space.  Alternative places to setup your hot cocoa situation are a counter in your kitchen, a console table and/or dinning room table.  Purchase your favorite hot cocoa and of course, all of the fixings: marshmallows, candy canes, chocolate, whip cream, etc.  Display all of your goodies and then dress up your bar with holiday decor!  As you can see I used a few signs (Hot Cocoa Bar wood sign  & Hot Chocolate Recipe chalk sign), garland, cocktail napkins and of course festive blooms!!  Done and done!  I’m ready for a HOT COOCA!


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