Rustic-Chic Holiday Tablescape

holiday tablescape

As y’all know I shared my rustic-chic holiday decor on the blog, and today I’m taking it a step further .  Let’s talk about a festive tablescape!!  If you’ve watch my Instagram Stories and/or have read my decorating posts you know I’m big into THEMES!  Not only is this principal key in everyday home interiors BUT holiday decorations as well.  You want your setup to look like it “fits” with your home style.  The THEME of my home is RUSTIC-CHIC… neutrals, burlaps, knits, antlers and woods mixed with whites, mirrors and metallics.  If you’ve seen my living room and bedroom, you know what I’m talking about. 😉
As I’ve collected my Christmas decorations over the years, I always keep my THEME in mind.  As you can see I used a lot of natural textures on my tablescape: burlap table runner, wood trees, pine cones, etc.  To add in a lil’ chic element to the pinecones and antlers, glitter and/or metallic paint is the perfect touch.  You can DIY these babies pretty easy or many retailers already sell as is (see options below).  I dress very similar to the way I decorate my home – neutrals with MAYBE a pop of ONE color.  Take a  peak at my table… what’s the ONE color?  RED it is!  I found these cute plaid napkins and knew they would be the final touch to the perfect holiday table.
See below for shopable links to all of my rustic-chic tablescape decor.  And boos, remember to select a theme before decorating!  Trust me, it helps!
Happy decorating!


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