Top 10 Packing Tips!

top 10 packing tips top 10 packing tips top 10 packing tips

If you know me, you know I’m quite the travel bug.  This year so far I’ve been on about 20 airplane… ya, I’m not exaggerating AND I’m getting ready to leave for 3 weeks this weekend!  Can’t stop, won’t stop 🙂  I’m pretty much a packing pro and I’m here to share my top 10 tips!!  See above for my list and below for details, tricks and shopping goodies to make traveling SO much easier.
First things first, make a list.  It sounds so simple, right?!  BUT it is very important.  I would suggest making the list a few days and/or a week before you leave.  Give yourself enough time to think about everything you will need and items you may need to take care of before jet setting, i.e. toiletry travel size bottles, snacks for the road, stopping your mail, etc. This will help to elevate what I call, “travel anxiety”.  Trust me, it will help!


THE best packing/travel investment I’ve ever made is my hard case carry-on suitcase.  It’s a game changer!  I had a girlfriend (Jill) suggest this a few years ago and it is such a good tip!  This baby NEVER leaves my side when I travel, so needless to say I pack all of my more expensive fashion items (handbags/shoes), cameras, jewels AND my hats so they don’t get smashed.  I had an incident this past March in Australia where someone accidentally took my bag.  Ya, it was lost for DAYS and honestly, I didn’t know if I was going to get it back.  This is another reason why I ALWAYS pack my nice goodies in my carry-on!  If I can give you any piece of advice, do not pack your jewels and nice items in your checked luggage!
When I’m walking through the airport I roll my small hard case luggage and carry a crossbody bag – this also allows my shoulders to be really happy when I’m on the go 😉  NO backpack for me, just my handy dandy hard case bag!  See below for my top picks starting at just $35!



top 10 packing tips

This is pretty basic, boos… don’t pack your HUGE full-size containers of shampoo/conditions, face wash, lotion, etc.  Make it easier on yourself and keep your bag lighter by purchasing travel size toiletry bottles.  It’s super easy to put a small amount of  your fave beauty products in these babies.  See below for my favorite travel size containers.


top 10 packing tips

Yes ladies, you NEED a good crossbody bag when you travel.  This is SO important allowing your hands to be free when you travel through the airport.  As I mentioned above all you need is a hard case carry-on and crossbody bag and you’re ALL set!  Not only is the crossbody great for your travel days but it’s also very practical when you make it to your destination.  If you’re like me, I walk everywhere in the cities I visit so a crossbody purse is perfection.  I can have my hands free to let’s be honest, take pictures!
I LOVE my Louis Vuitton classic crossbody and have used it numerous times when I travel.  It’s important that your bag closes – either zipper, button or clasp.  You don’t want to open yourself up as an easy target for pickpockets or having your items fly out!  Let’s be smart, boos!
Below I’ve shopped around for my favorite handbags for travel.  They are all basic as you want your bag to go will ALL of your outfits.  Keep it simple, ladies!


top 10 packing tips top 10 packing tips

Bags, bags and more bags!!  Y’all, if you don’t put your shoes and handbags in dust bags when you travel, it’s time!  Protect your sh*t!!  It’s another tip that is SO easy.  It’s a quick easy way to keep your luxe items staying nicer longer.  Who doesn’t want that?!  Also when you put your shoes in bags it protects all of your other packed items from dirt from the bottom of your shoes.  It’s a win-win!


top 10 packing tips top 10 packing tips

So I’m sure a lot of you don’t know all my friends call me the, ‘Mom’ of our group, hence me ALWAYS having snacks.  In my purse, car, travel bag… like, everywhere.  If you’re hungry, ask me, I’ll have something for ya! 🙂   On travel days I keep my snacks simple, RX bar, nuts and fruit.  Healthy and delicious.  If you haven’t tried RX bars, you should.  They are simple, yummy and good for you.  THE perfect lil’ snack for on the go!